Hi there! Iris here. So you're checking out this blog of mine, well if you're thinking of following me, let me warn you that this is all about asian stuffs, mainly Korean and Filipino.
If you have any requests, comments, reactions, or just random stuffs you want to tell somebody but you can't just let me know by leaving me a message. by the way, this isn't my main blog. I just do all my spazzing/obsession here. That's all.


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  2. everythingnikki-me answered: Seohyun, coz PSH is better for JGS :)
  3. destroythesoul answered: Park Shin Hye !!! ^_^
  4. ayudinia answered: PARK SHIN HYE!
  5. shinneeyyh answered: Shin Hye
  6. theloveinhereyes-anna answered: Seohyun
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  8. angelinewan answered: seohyun
  9. ayudinia answered: PARK SHIN HYE!!!!
  10. junseoblover answered: park shin hye
  11. hipstaaaaplease answered: Park Shin Hye! For ever!! . SeoHyun its a bitch! >:C !
  12. msierianys answered: SEOHYUNNNNN!
  13. ilovetaeyeonnoona answered: Shin Hye…
  14. ganbarrenihon answered: Shin Hye!!!
  15. seohyunyunho answered: seohyun
  16. seodine answered: park shin hye. seo belongs to kyu. :)
  17. rejeection answered: Park Shin Hye!♥
  18. chocolovexox answered: shin hye
  19. elohveeee answered: shinhye!
  20. asmilethatmadetheskyblue answered: Seohyun!!
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  22. clouddiexoxo answered: of course its park shin hye! :D
  23. caryllovesyou answered: Park Shin Hye :)
  24. vixx-nation answered: PARK SHIN HYE
  25. myseolady28 answered: seohyun
  26. secretsbelongto-me answered: Shin Hye forever!
  27. raedolove answered: Seobaby :)
  28. itsmemaian21 answered: Seohyun!
  29. anndann answered: Park Shin Hye.
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  32. kiamoyred answered: ju hyun
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  34. owlroro answered: Seobaby.
  35. krystalogy answered: Seohyun.
  36. hara-chan answered: Park Shin Hye ..
  37. baeksanity answered: seohyun >:)))))) <3
  38. alejandranpr answered: seohyun